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Acronym Guide

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, is a community that has a lot of federal agencies, facilities, programs, schools, and community groups. All have their own acronyms. We hope this list will help you navigate those acronyms and what they stand for. Be sure to click on the acronym for a link with more information.

Hint: If the acronym is pronounced by not saying just the letters, look for the pronunciation below in parentheses.

AMSE – American Museum of Science & Energy (am-see)

CNS – Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC

CSC – Office of Science Consolidated Service Center

CROET – Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (crow-et)

DOD – Department of Defense

DOE – Department of Energy

EM – Environmental Management

EMDF – Environmental Management Disposal Facility

ETEC – East Tennessee Economic Council (ee-tech)

ERTF – Emergency Response Training Facility

ETTP – East Tennessee Technology Park

HALEU - High-Assay Low-Enriched Uranium (fuel for nuclear reactors)

IACMI – Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (eye-ack-mi)

K-25 – the original name for Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, now East Tennessee Technology Park

MDF – Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

MPNHP – Manhattan Project National Historical Park

NE - Nuclear Energy (DOE NE)

NEI – Nuclear Energy Institute

NNSA – National Nuclear Security Administration

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration

NPO – NNSA Production Office

NSF – National Science Foundation

ORAU – Oak Ridge Associated Universities (o-rauw)

OREM – Oak Ridge Environmental Management

ORETTC – Oak Ridge Enhanced Technology and Training Center (or-tick)

ORISE – Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (o-rise)

ORNL – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORR – Oak Ridge Reservation

OSBDU – DOE’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

OSO - Oak Ridge National Laboratory Site Office

OSTI – Office of Scientific and Technical Information (ost-tea)

SBIR – Small Business Innovation Research

SC – Office of Science

SNS – Spallation Neutron Source

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

TCAT – Tennessee College of Applied Technology (tea-cat)

TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority

TWPC – Transuranic Waste Processing Center

UCOR – United Cleanup Oak Ridge (you-core)

UPF – Uranium Processing Facility

UPO – Uranium Processing Facility Project Office

UT – University of Tennessee

UTK – University of Tennessee, Knoxville Campus

UT-ORII – University of Tennessee Oak Ridge Innovation Institute (You-Tori)

UTRF – University of Tennessee Research Foundation

X-10 – the original name for Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Y-12 – Y-12 National Security Complex

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