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The Fine Print

ETEC’s Policies and Miscellaneous Notes

As of July 23, 2018

Privacy Policy

ETEC members, site users, event attendees, and newsletter subscribers’ contact information will never be willingly shared with any 3rd party vendors. Members are listed in the password-protected portion of the website in the membership directory. Permission to access this information is given to ETEC members. Also, as a member, you will receive ETEC’s weekly e-newsletter, occasional emailed invitations to events, and/or special notices. By signing up for the ETEC newsletter you will be sent an email once a week at the address submitted. Occasionally additional invitations or special news-related items will be emailed. You may opt out of these communications at any time by contacting, or by clicking “unsubscribe”.

Access to Member Information

As mentioned above ETEC members are able to log in to a password-protected portion of this website called the Info Hub which contains the Membership Directory and other resources. Members are asked to respect the privacy of others. Please do not use the directory for bulk or direct email/mail marketing campaigns or solicitation purposes.

Friday Morning Networking Meetings

ETEC is a pro-business environment. Members are encouraged to network and build strong business relationships before and after the weekly breakfast meetings. Private conference rooms are available by request after the meetings for members to use for those purposes.

Campaigning by political candidates before, during, or after the meetings is discouraged. Candidates may be invited to present to the group after winning their parties’ primary election. Contact us for more information at

Fundraising by individuals, non-profit groups, or companies before, during, or after the meetings is also discouraged. However, in some cases it may be appropriate for our group to be aware of a specific event or need. If you would like to make a brief announcement during the meeting please contact us at

Members are welcome to make announcements at the meetings if they notify the staff ahead of time. Please contact us before that Friday morning so time can be reserved on the meeting agenda.

News media representatives are allowed into the room (in person or virtually) only with prior permission. If a representative from a media outlet is present in the room an announcement will be made at the beginning of the meeting so the speaker and audience are aware.

Video or audio recording is only allowed with permission at the meetings. On the occasion where a meeting is recorded an announcement will be made so the speaker and audience members are aware.

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