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NOW Speakers and Panelists

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann

Chairman, House Appropriations Energy & Water Development Subcommittee
Tennessee 3rd District

Michael Goff

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy

Jeff Lyash

President & CEO
Tennessee Valley Authority

Lt. Governor Randy McNally

Speaker of the Senate
State of Tennessee

Commissioner Stuart McWhorter

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

Commissioner Deniece Thomas

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

William "Ike" White

Senior Advisor, Office of Environmental Management

U.S. Department of Energy

NOW Speakers and Panelists

Eric Abelquist

Chief Technology Officer
United Cleanup Oak Ridge 

Georgette Alexander-Morrison

Vice President, Government Research & Development

Caroline Anderson

Fusion Industry Association

Benton Arnett

Markets and Policy
Nuclear Energy Institute

Rita Baranwal

Senior Vice President
AP300 Small Modular Reactor
Westinghouse Electric Company

Brandon Blamer

Director, Process Engineering
TRISO-X / X-Energy

Greg Boerschig

Vice President, Clinch River Project
Tennessee Valley Authority

Harry Boston

Founder and President
Boston Government Services

Randy Boyd

University of Tennessee

Jeremy Busby

Associate Lab Director, Isotope Science & Engineering
Oak Ridge National Lab

John Canik

Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer
Type One Energy Group

Livia Casali

Zinkle Fellow & Assistant Professor
University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Scott Claunch

TerraPower Isotopes Program

Jeremy Cohen

Strategic Advisor
UT-Oak Ridge Innovation Center

Cary Crawford

Director, Nuclear Nonproliferation Division
Oak Ridge National Lab

Adam DeMella

Senior Vice President, Global Government Affairs

Patrick Ellis

Program Manager
General Fusion

Julie Ezold

Technical Advisor,
DOE Isotope Program
Oak Ridge National Lab

Sierra Generette

Environmental Justice
& Public Engagement Specialist

United Cleanup Oak Ridge 

Michelle Goodson

Workforce Solutions Senior Manager
Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Howard Hall

Nuclear Engineering Department 
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Morris Hassler

Vice President, Joint Services/Business Unit General Manager
IB3 Global Solutions

J. Wesley Hines

Postelle Professor, Chancellor's Professor, and Head
Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee

Lloyd Jollay

Vice President Isotopes & Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Boston Government Services

Ben Jordan

Centrus Energy

John Krueger

Radioisotope Production Lead
Ultra Safe Nuclear

Catherine Kolb

Senior Director of Plant Operations
SHINE Technologies

Lauren Lathem

Advanced Nuclear Manager
Southern Company

Arnold Lumsdaine

Innovation Network for Fusion Energy (INFUSE)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Lou Martinez Sancho

Vice President, Strategy & Innovation
Kairos Power

Bob Morris

ETEC Nuclear Working Group

Andrew Nelson

Section Head, Nuclear Fuel Development
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Martin O'Neill

Associate General Counsel
Nuclear Energy Institute

Elizabeth Phillips

Physical Scientist
US Department of Energy

Peter Newby

MS Technology

Eric Nolan

Eric Nolan

Atomic Trades & Labor Council

Teresa Robbins

NNSA Production Office

Sarah Schaefer

Project Manager
Isotek Systems, LLC

Jeff Smith

Interim Laboratory Director
Oak Ridge National Lab

Dan Stout

Chief Nuclear Officer
Ultra Safe Nuclear

Ashley Stowe

Director, Oak Ridge Enhanced Technology & Training Center
Consolidated Nuclear Security 

Kurt Terrani

Executive Vice President, Core Group
Ultra Safe Nuclear 

Rich Tighe

President & CEO
Consolidated Nuclear Security

Bill Tindal

Omega Technical Services

Mickey Wade

Associate Lab Director, Fusion & Fission Energy & Science
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Chris Whaley

Roane State Community College

Martin Williamson

Martin Williamson

Senior Director of Global Security and Strategic Partnerships
Consolidated Nuclear Security

Andy Worrall

Section Head, Integrated Fuel Cycle
Deputy Director, GAIN
Oak Ridge National Lab 

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